Living in BsAs


Sep 3, 2008
My name is Brantley and I live here with my girlfriend Keri and dog, Tyler. We moved here three months ago, and are finally settled in Palermo Hollywood and plan to be here for at least two years. I work at a local film production company, and Keri is about to go to grad. school at UBA. We are big fans of: hearing live music, cinema, theater, dinner and drinks, and dog parks. We want to make a go of it here, make friends and have a life. If anyone out there is interested in getting together, we would love to hear from you. Best, Brantley
hi brantley!
i think i said hi to your girlfriend keri on another thread.
my husband & i are also from LA and we are living here for the next few years or so. we are also expecting a baby in just a few weeks too!
what do you do in the film industry? my husband is a cinematographer. he has been in the entertainment industry for over 20 years. he also owns a few RED cameras that he will be putting to work here.
maybe we can all get together for dinner sometime soon? we live in belgrano but spend a lot of time in the palermo area. let me know!
Hi Angie,
Thanks for getting back to me. I worked at Culver Studios for the last few years as a manager for Set Lighting and Grip. I'd like to talk to your husband about his equipment. I'm thinking about the equipment business here as well. I would definitely like for us to get together soon. My cell is 15-6572-7328.
cool! i am going to talk to my husband and figure out what's good then we can decide on a date that will work for all of us. looking forward to meeting you two!