Looking for a place outside of the Capital


Nov 9, 2007
hi there,

so, ive been living in palermo viejo for three months now and I am ready to make a move. i do love the city, however, i miss being closer to nature.. bigger parks.. the river.. etc..

can anyone suggest a new neighborhood for me.. i was thinking vicente lopez..
i still need to get to downtown - central area - daily for UBA..

what about those commuter trains? any good? any help would be greatly appreciated
Quoting "mishy":
". . . . [W]hat about those commuter trains? any good? . . . ."
I've found them decent and reliable, save when there's a strike; but I don't use them regularly.
hi mishy, i am very happy to live in provincia (san isidro). i too have to go to the city daily and i have no problem whatsoever going by train. it's cheap and mostly a/c equipped.
On my first visit I to stayed in VL the train was cheap frequent and far quicker than traveling in by car.
Incidentally, anyone seen the price of commuter trains into London? It will scare the hell out of you!
Quite true, TBob! Commuter trains into London might be a bit more orderly, but the commute into Bs.As. is faster, less expensive, and, in a strange way, calmer.
You might consider the Bariloche area. It is in nature but still a city.
"RWS" said:
Quite true, TBob! Commuter trains into London might be a bit more orderly, but the commute into Bs.As. is faster, [...] and, in a strange way, calmer.
Tell that to the people that travel from the conurbano sur/oeste in the linea Roca / Sarmiento every day.
It's human to think that one's own sufferings are worst of all, isn't it? Fortunately, I never had to make either commute for more than a week or two.
I'd say anywhere between Olivos and San Isidro.. plus theres the new coastal train that goes to Puerto Madero... a little pricey though..
Back to the original subject, why don´t U come out to the ´burbs and check them out? I live in Martinez only 1 block from the train station. I can tell you, I can get downtown faster than people in Belgrano or even Palermo in rush hour!!
Better yet, is the cleaner and cooler air, nicer streets with more trees and birds, less smog and noise.
I would venture to say it´s even safer here! Several years ago, during the big crisis, for a year or two this area seemed to be the main target for kidnappings. But that soon reverted, as did the economy, and now it´s the city itself where you hear about more cases of crime.
In my block there are several Americans renting apartments, including in my same building.
You could take the train and get off any station between Olivos and Beccar, walk around and ask the doormen in the buildings for any available rentals.