Lunfardo: Argentine Slang For Foreigners


Oct 13, 2007
Hey all,

One of the great things about Argentina is the passionate and expressive nature of Argentines themselves. Argentines are energetic, informed, social, generous, warm and highly vocal. They have strong opinions, and they like to share them. But to communicate and effectively engage Argentines, you've got to be fluent in "lunfardo," the local slang.

To help visitors and expats with this, I've started posting a series of newly-created educational videos on Scooping Argentina. I've posted just two for now, but I plan to upload another eight or 10 over the next couple of weeks. I also plan to make these and other videos available on iTunes, in both standard definition and HD formats.

If you find the videos helpful, let me know. Likewise, if you have any ideas about how I can improve them, I'm all ears. Finally, if you have ideas for other videos you'd like to see, please share them with me.

Or my blog, the Argentine Post:

Oh my.... that woman (the host) is beautiful. :)
Nice sites and I'll have to check it out a bit. Video quality is great.
For some reason, the links got messed up when you posted them. It adds the baexpats link to the start. So they should be scoopingargentina and argentinepost.
Bill,Thank you so much for correcting the links and posting new ones. Very cool of you. I really appreciate it.Taos