Machu Picchu


Aug 28, 2011
i am considering flying away from BA to Peru for the whole week of Semana Santa.
How long does it worth staying in the region of Machu Picchu?
then i would go to Lima or the other way round.
thank you :) Tom
PS : if anyone want to join, travel companeros are welcome!
How long do you have...? Semana Santa will probably be very busy, so book ahead. don't you have to buy Machu Picchu entrance tickets in advance now? Especially for Huyana Picchu?

day 1 - BA - Lima
day 2 - Lima - Cuzco
day 3 - sacred valley - aguas calientas (not sure about the evening train times; may have to add an extra day here ??)
day 4 - machu picchu - return to Cuzco
day 5 - city tour / ruins of Cuzco
day 6 - Cuzco - Lima
day 7 - Lima - BA

you could spend a lot longer...I've been to Machu Picchu 10 times was still amazed each time. I've spent a week in Cuzco without leaving the city centre...partying every night.. for some a month may not be enough...
i have one extended week. I found BA LIMA BA best price combination for 6619 ARS with LAN passing by Santiago. Sounds maybe expensive but i guess the prices got higher.
Lima has so many great restaurants, a few days is definitely worth it just to eat.
thomas-french said:
Lima is worthing it ?

Compared to Cuzco I personally don't think Lima is worth much time, one night before and a night after Cuzco. Check out the Polvos Azules market and the San Cristobal view point (regular buses leave from just off Plaza de Armas)