Making Copies of Keys


Aug 10, 2009
Does anyone know what type of places will copy keys for you? I have visitors coming and have only one set.
A 'cerrajeria' is one.

When I was down (just shortly) one key in the spare set from the rental agency I used didn't work, so I just took a walk in the barrio I was staying (Palermo -- Mansilla/Bulnes) and went around until someone whipped me off a copy.

Lots of stores -- finding one shouldn't be a problem. Doesn't necessarily need to be a cerrajeria either.

The one key I got cut was 8 pesos.

No questions asked.

Worked perfectly.

This would have been a lot quicker than mentioning it to the agency..
Cerrajeria means lock shop and a cerradura is a lock.

Llaves are keys (feminine)

They are numerous in Palermo, Belgrano, etc.

You can also get copies made at Jumbo (usually opposite the checkouts).

The "classic" solid brass copies should be no more than 5 pesos.

Security keys (typically for the front door of an apartment building) should cost no more than 15 each, but only for the "delux" with plastic over brass on the end.

I recently had "delux" copies made at a cost of 14 pesos each for an expat friend who doesn't speak castellano. He was quote 30 pesos each at the same cerrajeria.
Most hardware stores will also be able to do it for you.

As a recap, look for stores that say "cerrajeria", "ferreteria", or Easy & Jumbo.