making local calls


Dec 2, 2008
hey everyone -

i may sound like a total idiot (i assure you, i'm your average idiot, not a total idiot :D), but i am having some serious phone issues.

the land line phone in my apartment will not go through to any local call. am i making the call wrong? you just dial the 8 digit number right? i have tried every combination. with 011 before the 8 digit number, 5411, 11, 0011, everything, and it just beeps and nothing goes through.

as for my cell phone, i got a personal sim chip and it beeps 3 or 4 times and then ends the call. for every number. i mostly have been trying to call my apt land line with it. am i just being too impatient? does it take awhile for sim chips to activate? is there some trick to dialing that i have not found.

my spanish is minimal, i get by on it, but am not fluent enough to call the help line and talk to them.

any suggestions?

see you tomorrow at the lunch.

Talk to your lanlord about your land line phone. In many rented apartments phone lines are "controlled". You may need to buy a card from your phone company (Telefonica or Telecom) to be able to make calls (even local calls).

As to the cell phone, SIM chip may not be activated. Do you see the network? Can you check your balance?
i will! thanks. and yea, our landlord said when he gave us the keys that we should be able to make local calls, but then in a slip of paper amongst many he gave us, it says that it may be controlled. who knows?

appreciate it.