Maple Syrup


Feb 8, 2010
Unfortunately, as I'm sure you all know, Argentina often has products for a while and then runs dry for what seems like ages. I have been to about 3 Jumbos, 8 Discos, 4 Carrefours, and countless other smaller stores in the last couple months, and can't find any more maple syrup.

If anyone has seen any recently (in the last week), please let me know. Thanks guys!
Disco on Esmeralda in Retiro had immitation Maple syrup as of yesterday. It´s in a special section for imported products near the vegatrable / fruit section.
gilliang said:
My cousin is bringing some from Canada next week - want a bottle? I'm sure we can work something out. :)

Wow. Yes!! I would love a bottle. PM me. Thanks!
I went to Disco on Paraguay and Armenia in Palermo today (March 11), they had maple syrup (I remember thinking, "so cool they have maple syrup!").
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