Marriage facilitator

I am in California and would like to marry my same sex partner of 27 years in BA. Does anyone know of a service that will help us navigate the system and accomplish it in about a week. I have read the regulations and it can be done but for a non-Spanish speaker can be very difficult. Thanks in advance.


A week will be hard, probably impossible. The starting point is the Registro Civil (there are several around the city):

If you both have never been divorced before, it will be much simpler, but you have to do a required blood test before (how ancient, eh?):
"Exámenes médicos obligatorios:
h) Exámenes Prenupciales: deben realizarse 7 (siete) días hábiles antes de la fecha de la celebración del matrimonio en hospitales públicos y/o en clínicas y sanatorios privados de la Ciudad Autónoma de Buenos Aires. Si se realizan en otra jurisdicción, deberán estar legalizados ante la autoridad sanitaria competente."

If you can't speak and understand Spanish, you'll need a certified translator.

If you can get it done in 3-4 weeks, you're doing pretty well.