Maternity Provision


Following a fruitless internet search, I was hoping you kind people on the ground in Buenos Aires could give some pointers.

My husband and I are considering relocating to Buenos Aires and we're also hoping to start a family soon. I can't find any information on the net about the quality of maternity care in Buenos Aires. At the moment we're in Spain, and maternity care here seems to be 20-30 years behind Britain. Private care seems a bit better but you have to be insured for a certain amount of time before pregnancy. Any comments or advice would be greatly appreciated.

Many thanks :)
HI Linda. I had a baby here almost 3 years ago, and am pregnant again. I have been quite satisfied with the maternity care here, so don't be worried. It is important to get a good "pre-pago" insurance plan. I recommend getting a plan with Swiss Medical group (they have an internet site), as they have top quality maternity services & excellent ultrasound machines (3 & 4D too). A couple of friends of my had babies in the Hospital Britanico and spoke highly of the attention there, however the facilities may appear out of date.

Good luck and feel free to contact me directly with any more questions.
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I think private medical care here is better than in Spain. The British Hospital is no longer one of the best facilities as far as building and equipment are concerned. Swiss Medical is more modern. Other good plans are OMINT and MEDICUS.
I have Medicus and love it. My daughter is due around Christmas and I have an excellent doctor well recommended by expats and Argentines. I'm 40 and needed to have several tests that they would do in the States and I had absolutely no problem here. The private health care is excellent. Try to get your insurance a couple of months ahead of when you plan to start just so you're completely covered. The only thing I have to complain about here with babies is the cost of products such as good car seats and strollers is riduculous compared to the States.