Medical translator required.


Sep 6, 2007
I require the use of a medical translator to translate all my hospital reports and very sensitive and specific medical reports into english for a doctor in the US, anyone know of someone who could do this.
We have found normal translators, but this is very specific.
Please let me know if you are able to help.
Many thanks, Jo
i have worked as a medical secretetary in many departments (specialities include rheumatology, neurosurgery, ENT, ophthalmology, radiology, gynae etc) and personal assistant to a very important medical oncology department in a highly revered and very busy london hospital latterly, over an overall time frame of 5 years. i am TOTALLY bilingual and am moving to BA in 5 weeks. i am chomping at the bit to do translation work as i studied hispanic studies at uni (i am bilingual to mother tongue standard, with portenio lexicon, my mother is argie).
just the kind of work i'd like to do. i am willing and able, and would happily do some for you here in the UK in the meantime if you want, i could email you the reports, whatever suits, if not you can use me as of my arrival, 5 november.
let me know your thoughts. just out of interest, what are you thinking in terms of pay?

you can also contact me on my email - [email protected]
best wishes. van