Meet up for a drink??


Nov 29, 2008
I just got back from Bariloche where I spent an amazing month doing all sorts of outdoor activities. I missed the ex-pat luncheon today but would like to meet some new people in Buenos Aires. I will be here until Mid-March. I am living in Palermo near Parque Las Heras.

Anyone up for a drink this week or next?
Hi my name is Simon ...expat from London..been for a great to get together for`s my mobile....15-5410-1658
would love too, i have just arrived here from London via Australia and staying in Palmero. I don't have a number yet so please email me at [email protected] cheers anne
Hi all, I'd also love to meet up and meet people! I've been in BA for 1.5 years but many of my expat friends have gone home so I'm definitely looking to meet new people!! my email is [email protected] if you guys do end up planning something let me know :)
Hello Everyone,

Thanks for replying!! How about if we meet for drinks and sushi next Friday night?? Please confirm and let me know if you will be attending. My personal email is: [email protected] home #4806-5059

WHEN: Friday, January 30, 2009
TIME: 9:00 P.M.
Salguero 2604 (entre Cerviño y Cabello)

See you then!

I arrived in BA 10 days ago and would love to meet you guys on friday. My name is Sabine. I am French but live in New York. I am interested in hearing about Bariloche.
My e-mail: [email protected]
hello everyone,

im a 25y old french male, arrived from London this week and plan to stay till August in fabulous BA.

will try to join you tomorrow, and possibly with a friend of mine!


My name is Caroline, I am french and leaving here since a bit more than 1 year.
Will try to join you tomorow !