Mexican restaurant?

La p., this very question was batted about just this month. A quick search should show you a thread.
lapollerita, do you want something like carne fajitas? Those I make myself at home. The best mexican food are the ones you make at home and I have discovered that I can but I have friends in Mexico that I call should I need a recipe or something.
well, this thread is quite old. but i have lived in mexico and i find that the best mexican food in buenos aires can be found at la fabrica del tacos on gorriti between serrano and thames. mmmmmmm!
As a mexicam-american, I must say that Maria Felix sux, Cielito Lindo in Palermo is pretty good, love Taco Box (several locations)and D.F: in Puerto Madero is awesome. Heard la fabroca de tacos was amazing and super auténtica, need to try that one for sure!

For cooking at home, china town has the goods, real tortillas (no rapiditas), jalepeños, cilantro, salsas, chips, etc

Buen provecho!
I personally think that Mexican food in Argentina is not good. The best one I found was Lupita in Las Cañitas, I thought it was OK, others (all americans) thought it was good...