Migrations problem


Jan 21, 2010
Hello fellow expats I wonder if someone can help me. I went into Bolivia via Villazon recently, got my stamp out of Argentina (via La Quiaca) and stamp into Bolivia. On the way back to Argentina I was in such a rush to get my bus back to Buenos Aires that I got my exit stamp out of Bolivia but forgot to get an entry stamp for Argentina (stupid, I know). I'm going back to the UK in March I don't want to be faced with any problems. I went to migrations they said I would only have to pay a fine. Has anyone been in a similar situation?
You'll have to pay 300 pesos when you leave. Just go to the airport a little early and when you go through immigrations, they will tell you you have to pay the fine. You'll go to a place int he airport where you'll fill out a form, pay the fee at a nearby bank (there in the airport), then they'll stamp your passport and you can leave.

No problem. Except for the 300 pesos.