Moving to Argentina.


Hello guys,
My name is Kurt and I had a few questions for you.
My wife (american citizen) and I are planning to move to Argentina. She is an argentine DNI holder, her parents are argentine. However, her DNI has expired.
Another thing, she has not lived in Argentina for about 5 years.
How will she go about renewing her DNI ?
How long does the process take ?
Can she get it done in the US or will she have to travel to Arg ?
What documents will be needed for the renewal ?
Being married to an DNI holder, will that allow me to enter Argentina ?
Would it be better if we entered as tourists and than handled the procedure in Argentina ?

Thanks for all your help.



I may not have all of the answers, but here's what I think applies:

Renewing a DNI can only be done in the registro de las personas.

A certificado de domicilo is necessary, and you have to be living here to get one (it's easy).

In any case, Kurt can enter with a foreign passport and will be granted a 90 day tourist/transitoria visa.

Given recent posts on this forum, I believe that, upon arrival, your wife will only be granted a 60 day visa if she was born in Argentina and has a US passport (if her place of birth is indicated on the passport).

If she previously had a DNI, the registro should still have all of her info in their database.

I hope anyone with additional (or conflicting) information will add to this thread.


igor said:
If she wants to renew her DNI in the USA, the best place to start would probably be Argentine Consulate closest to your home.

In Argentina DNI is issued/renewed by Registro Nacional de las Personas.

Thanks, Igor, But I don't think the consulate has anything to do with issuing or renewing the DNI. Visas may be issued through foreign consulates, but I believe that one (regardless of citizenship) can only apply for the DNI after arriving in Argentina.

Anyone born here obviously does not need a visa to live here, just the DNI. Because the DNI requires "proof" of domicile here (certificado de domicilo), it can only be issued here.

Foreigners who are granted visas to live in Argentina cannot apply for the DNI until after they arrive, either...and (in addition to their Argentina visa) they also need a copy of their birth certificate and a certficado de domicilio to get the DNI.


steveinbsas said:
Thanks, Igor, But I don't think the consulate has anything to do with issuing or renewing the DNI. Visas may be issued through foreign consulates ...
Yep, and passports and ceriticates/notarizationes of different types and many other documents.

Consulates are supposed to provide general assistance to citizens living abroad. Whether they can issue DNI or not, they will give some reasonable advice. So it does not hurt to ask questions there.

In her case, probably she has an option to enter country as a tourist, so it is not a big deal. Trying to enter country based on birth certificate or expired document would definitely require consulate involvement. May be not in form of visa, but some kind of an official letter.


OK, fine, the question was about the DNI and my answer was about the DNI.

Argentine consulates simply do not issue or renew them, that's all.

They will probably provide advice, just as you suggest.

DNI's entail a legal Argentine residency or citizenship and must include an actual (home) address.

One must be here to provide that information to the appropriate authority (the local police come to your "residence" when they issue the certificado de domicilo)

Anyone born in Argentina can reenter the country, no matter where their current passport was issued, but they may only be granted a 60 day tourist visa (as we have learned recently from another expat).

Foreigners who have been granted a resident visa (through an Argentine consulate abroad) are required by law to apply of the DNI within 30 days of their arrival in Argentina.

I hope that clears things up.


Hello guys,

I just wanted to say, thank you all for your help. We are contacting the consulate to see what we can do.
Have a good day.



I just want to wish you luck. This country doesn't move like a Swiss Clock. There may be a lot of people of German descent here as well, but you would not confuse it with the effeciency found in Germanic countries.

Plus please keep us updated, because for many (including me), this is their first stop for information on immigration issues and the like.



As far as I know the DNI does not expire. In fact mine was last renewed almost 20 years ago (mandatory when you turn 18).
However, a DNI will not allow you to enter or leave the country unless you are going to a neighbouring country. Otherwise you need a passport.
I don't think there are any issues for your wife as she is Argentinean, and being German you can enter as a tourist for 90 days and take it from there. Worst case scenario you will have to travel to Uruguay every 89 days and that is only a 45min boat ride, have a nice break in Colonia and get back for another 90 days.
No, seriously, you should check at the Argentine Embassy to see if you can get a visa to enable you work, study, etc.
Buena suerte / viel Glueck!