Multizone DVD?


Apr 30, 2006
Seeking advice on DVD players:
My Argentine roommate asked me if I could bring a DVD player back to BsAs when I return from the U.S., but he didn't mention anything about zones and power. Is it worthwhile to buy a DVD player in the U.S. to take to BsAs? It would appear that I'll need to find a multizone/region DVD (whatever that is) and a converter. No vale la pena...right? Has anyone found a cheap DVD player in BsAs?
Pirated DVDs have region code protection removed. If your roommate has licensed DVDs, you would better buy DVD player which region code can be changed ( )
You can check prices of electronics here .
Voltage in Argentina is 220. About a convertor I guess they use it for connecting cable tv or to watch certain channels but I am sure someone more accquainted with electronic in this forum could help you better.
I'm guessing if I get DVD's at the movie store, or Blockbuster, here they will work on my laptop. I was going to get a movie last night when I went out looking for printer paper but forgot. I found the printer paper at a Libreria on Scal. Ortiz. My laptop was purchased in the U.S.
I guess it depends on manufacturer of your DVD-ROM. Some of them allow to change region code only limited (5?) number of times. After that you are set up for good. That is without messing up deeply with the drivers.
I am glad you could find printer paper.
Thanks Igor, last night I got a movie at Blockbuster and it worked just fine so I guess the DVD-ROM accepts this zone.
When I returned the movie I looked on the box in the store to see if a zone was identified and it was not for this particular movie, Matchpoint. But I noticed that many of the movies do show the zones and was not aware of this. Thanks for the info. I already spilled a cup of tea on my laptop last week temporarily shorting it out and don't want to do anything else to jack with it.
Here's a site you where you can define a search of available DVD players.
Personally, I wouldn't bother bringing a player from the US in order to use it here. The voltage is different, they use the PAL video system rather than NTSC and there's the region thing to deal with. The ideal would be to find a player here that can be hacked to play all zones and has compatibility to play pirated DVD's, which are on mainly on DVD-R or DVD+R discs. Then there's DIVX and MP3 playback, which are handy to have. Search out a player and read comments, then go ask local stores if they can get this for you and compare prices.
That's why I like the DVD players sold at They can deal with both PAL and NTSC formats, they are multi-zone, and they take either 120 or 220 voltage.
thanks, everyone, for your input. it doesn't seem worth the effort (for me) to buy a dvd player in the U.S. to schlep down to bsas. i don't have time to order online anyway...
an argentine friend of mine still has a few lg dvd players for a decent price ($174 pesos including warranty). please let me know if you'd like his e-mail address (he speaks english).