my 2 kitties need a home for a few months


Sep 15, 2008
I am wondering if any of you miss your US kitties and would consider taking care of mine at your house in BA for a few months while I head back to the US to deal with some health issues and while my apartment here is renovated.

They are sweet, well behaved, neutered, loveable mushes. Luna is fat, Sampson is skinny. They are siblings. They dont jump on counters, dont eat human food or beg and will sleep at the foot of your bed once they think you smell ok.

They go out on an enclosed patio but have never been let loose in the wild. So a house with a back yard that is not cat proofed wouldnt be ideal.
They dont play well with dogs or other cats.

If you are missing yours from home and would consider being Foster Kitty Parents for a bit I would be truly grateful.
how long exactly? did you get them fixed? do they fight when in contact with other cats?
Sorry I just read they're neutered.
I could do it but I have a cat, she's fixed too, she's so antisocial though, she hates being out and when I take her to the vet I try to make her smell other cats and animals but she won't do anything, she acts as if she were alone in the whole place, I even rub her face on other cats and she does nothing, she's weird. And I have no patio, and I'm going to move in six months
My husband and I might be able to do it. We have a big, sunny apartment, but the only outdoor spaces we could offer them to spend any time in would be the balconies which are not "child-proof". If they need a place where they can spend time outside, we wouldn't be the best match I guess.
We were wondering how they are with furniture.
In June we will be out of the country for a month.