My Wife is pregnant. Looking for good private hospital.


Any idea about the cash cost?
Here's another male contribution to add to the predominantly male contributions to this thread already. Has your wife given birth before? The cash cost will almost certainly vary according to the duration and complexity of the procedures and you might already have some indication of what the duration and complexity are likely to be. For example, one of my daughters-in-law gave birth earlier this year, the child was delivered almost before they reached the hospital and they all went home a few hours later. The sister of my other daughter-in-law gave birth a few weeks later. She was in labour for four days, recovering in hospital for four more. I kid you not. If they had each been on pay-as-you-go, the former would have paid about 50cents, the latter more than a year of earnings. @Bajo_cero2 suggests that Hospital Aleman will take you - but only on their top-grade plan and only if you also pay a penalty. I'd strongly recommend you check that out. And good luck with everything for you and your wife and the newborns.

on the brink

Make sure to pay in pesos, and change your dollars at the blue rate. That is now $181, versus the official rate of $98.53 per dollar.