Need a solid Italian restaurant and also a great steak place


Feb 1, 2010
Hello all
new in town and have some clients in early next week. gathered some recommendations from the folks at work but am curious as to your thoughts. I'm in Ricoleta--surprised?--but am open to suggestions in other parts of the city. Thanks
Sottovoce is excellent. I've only been to the on in Puerto Madero, but there is one in Recoleta. Av. Libertador 1098.
Depends on whether you want "new" italian, or classic Argentine/Italian.
To me, the real Buenos Aires is not just about food, its about atmosphere and history- you can eat at fancy noveau cusine places with modern interiors in any city on earth- but the funky authenticity of some of the classic Buenos Aires restaurants is unique.

I like Pierino-
Its been in business, continuously, with the same family running it, since Astor Piazzola used to hang out there.
Its homey and not pretentious, and you basically order whatever the grandmother is making fresh that night.
Really good fresh pasta.
But its not in Recoleta, although its not too far.

For steak, La Cabrera is still a good place to take first timers- huge steaks, korean style (in concept, not in taste) array of small plates of side dishes included, and while parrilla fans will quibble for hours about how its not as good as it used to be, it seldom disappoints visitors from out of town.

Or, for a very Porteno time machine kind of meal, I love 1880, on Defensa in San Telmo across from the park.
You could be in 1930, or 1950, or 2010. The waiters will treat you right, the food is good, and when you are done, you will not think you have eaten in Paris or Tokyo or NYC- its very Buenos Aires.
Ries your suggestions were great, however I disagree that Pierino, a fantastic neighborhood joint (in Almagro), is a good place to take clients. Depending on your budget BA Billy, perhaps Rodizio in Puerto Madero would work for Italian.

I was pleasantly surprised by La Cabrera last month. Of course I went at the request of two friends who were visiting, (I even suggested other options but they wanted to try La Cabrera). The steaks---we ordered an Ojo de Bife and a Bife de Chorizo mariposa style---were out-of-this-world and the sides were more interesting than the mayo-heavy salads we got on my previous visit about a year ago. The wine list is still conspicuously overpriced, which annoys me every time! Maybe that´s their way of compensating for the free champagne they serve the people waiting. La Cabrera:

Miranda, in Palermo Hollywood, is more of a scene: The regular and sweet-potato fries (very thick) are delicious. One drawback is the noise level inside the restaurant.

Which restaurants were already recommended to you, BA Billy? Perhaps we could comment on those...
Ristorante Italiano: "La Cucina di Michele"
Luis M Campos 599. Las Canitas: 4899-1699
Ask for Hugo. My five star pick.

Go for the Fusilli al Filetto
Recoleta's Sotovocce is always crowded and noisy. Primafila at Buenos Aires design offers both Italian cuisine and steak.
For Italian, try the family-style at Piagerri in Recoleta.

For a high-end steak and experience, go to Cabana Las Lilas in Puerto Madero. There is cheaper steak elsewhere, but the atmosphere and service are exceptional.

La Cabrera is my #1 steak place and Miranda is a close second.
I agree with Sleuth on Cabaña Las Lilas and La Cabrera. My two favorites as well.

We've had good Italian in BA, but nothing memorable yet. We should try some of the recommendations here. :rolleyes:
2GuysInPM said:
I agree with Sleuth on Cabaña Las Lilas and La Cabrera. My two favorites as well.

We've had good Italian in BA, but nothing memorable yet. We should try some of the recommendations here. :rolleyes:

Have you tried Sottovoce in PM?