New member! Here are my few words about myself...


Jan 8, 2010
Hi all! Just got an email asking me to introduce myself, so here we go. :)

My name is Alexis and I'm 21. My boyfriend and I just graduated from college and decided to move down to Bs.As. for a few months to give ourselves a nice, extended vacation. His Spanish skill level is pretty high and though I've studied Spanish for some years, it's been hard for me to communicate. I REALLY want to learn quickly, but I know I've got to be patient!

We are living in Barrio Norte, about 7 blocks from Palermo. So far we are loving it! We don't have any friends here yet (just moved in 4 days ago), and I'd really like to meet up with anyone! I am loving the city so far, and we have thuroughly warned about getting robbed/mugged/taken advantage we are trying to be very careful.

I love politics, music, red wine, historical novels, and going out. I guess that's all I have to say!!

So grateful to have found the site! Thanks much! xo
Hi 7 blocks in barrio norte... must be close to Bustamante drop me a note and you both pop over for a drink sometime.... well welcome to argentina.... you will like it here... dont worry it isnt so dangerous... be smart and watch yourself.. just like any big city..... welcome and have fun!!! chau