New passport, new entry stamp


Oct 5, 2009
Does anyone know the procedure here for when you get a new passport? I am assuming you would need your embassy to provide you with some formal note stating that you have been given a new passport. Then bring that to some sort of immigration office. Has anyone done this thing before? I know the embassy/consulate is supposed to know but they don't.
If you have an American passport, the embassy will give back your old one stamped "invalid" or "expired" (or something like that) which you can produce one exit to show your entry stamp. The new passport was delivered by courier in a couple of days.
You have to request an appointment by email from the embassy website - they will NOT do anything without an appointment. Easy enough, and I got an appointment quickly by return email.

Good luck

I have on several occasions traveled with a valid passport and a visa stamped in an expired passport. -Never had any problems.

As long as your name hasn't changed, you should be OK.

my husband did it a few months ago when he changed his french passport. just make sure you bring both old and new along when you go to exit and it's fine.
Thanks for your replies. It's actually my gf's passport. They gave her her new passport without making the old one invalid. Do you guys think that that will be a problem?
She may have to pay the over stay. I remembers someone on here had her passport stolen, got a new one & was charged when she exited because they didn't believe her (or something like that). But beyond having to pay an overstay fee, I can't see what other problems there might be.

See if you can search the site for this story. My searches never give me good results.