New Years Eve 2015


Jun 16, 2015
I was reading an old post about NYE from last year and noticed that a lot of things are not open until AFTER midnight... That most folks stay home with friends and family and than go out later.

My question is if anyone knows of any midnight celebration events that may be going on this year?

We were thinking about walking over to the Planetarium with a bottle of wine and watching the fireworks, maybe going to a local bar after. I would really like to have my first NYE in BA somewhere a little more exciting though haha
Keep in mind that there is not public transportation from 22 hs of december 31st up to 3 am january 1st, so be ready to walk. There are fireworks, so you will watch them from platnetarium.
I just got here this morning, and I like the idea of grabbing some wine and food and heading over to the Planetarium, maybe meet up earlier somewhere before the transit stops running then go out afterwards until they do. ;) Definitely wanted to experience NYE BsAs style.
Dear all,
Believe it or not, in this far-away Prague where it is grey and -5C, I will be going to an Argentinian sleep-over New Year's Eve party on the outskirts of Prague. A pijama party a la Argentina( last one was about 40 years+ago!)
We were all instructed to be there at 1900 to help make the empanadas before the liquid cheer runs too deeply in our veins, i.e. DRUNK!
I wish all a very happy, healthy and hopeful 2016! See you soon.
St'astny Novy Rok!
We'll be celebrating with the family and special guest, Sr Vital Tony.

I celebrated Sir Tony, drank Fernet and Cola, and complained because nobody brought a pan dulce nor a pio nono (nor any sweet at all).

I think I'll meet with Sir Tony again tonight, as one in a year special menu is already enough.