Newly pregnant


Jan 10, 2008
Has anyone begun a pregnancy in Bs As? I'm Australian and just been to a medico for a blood test which was positive. He spoke good english but I'm confused as to the procedure for prenatal care because the medico didn't seem to offer any follow-up which is very different to Australia. I asked if I should come back for a chat with my results but he said no.
Can anyone help?
Hi Sc,I am local so I don´t know how it works in Australia, but if the doctor you saw was a general clinic, now you will have to look for an obstetrician, that one should take care of you during your pregnancy. Do you have any health insurance? There are many obstetricains english fluent so don´t worry about it =) and Congrats!
I don't know how you start a pregnancy in oz, but I think in BsAs they do it the same as we brits do. A bit messy but lots of fun.
Seriously congratulations.
Thanks nikad for the info; sounds similar to Australia. And TangoBob, I've read some of the things you've posted on other threads. You're quite funny sometimes.