Jul 15, 2008
I've been to Jumbo and the like for food shopping in Buenos Aires. What I'm looking for, however, are 1) outdoor food markets more like a farmer's market that I am accustomed to seeing in other parts of South America & 2) information on stores/markets selling organic produce, meat, etc. in Buenos Aires. Any help?
I have not used their services, but sells organic produce...they also deliver. I have heard very good things about the quality of their products.

Organic beef?? Not sure on that one...would be interested myself. I do get great chicken and eggs, free range raised in Cordoba from a place inside the indoor market in Belgrano...if you want I can post his phone number. He also chicken and eggs I have had here! He also sells wonderful turkey... Prices are good too, in my opinion.

If I could find a farmers market like I was used to in the states I would be thrilled beyond words!!!
I use Tallo Verde and really like their service and produce.
There is also an organic farmers market called El Galpon. It is located in a yellow warehouse behind the Federico Lacroze train station and occurs every Wed 9 - 1 and Sat 9 - 3. They seem to have fewer vendors this month, but they do have produce, eggs, dairy, some meat, organic wine & liquor and a little cafe area.
Does anyone know when/where the organic market in Constitucion is?
I use Tallo Verde every week and there service is really good. You can register and order online. If somebody referes you , you'll receive a 50% discount (as well as the person that refered you) on your first buy. I've been using it for over a year now and really like it.
Hope it helps you out ...
Ditto that, if anyone already registered wants a friend referral discount please send me a pm.
Ditto ditto, I just checked out Tallo Verde site. I had no idea this even existed in Argentina. First to PM me with their reference #, I'll put it in on my first order. Awesome!
Hey there, if anyone else is a member and wants the discount, PM me and I'll include your code in my order!
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