Overstaying 90-day limit




Leaving Argentina Update

All my worry for nothing.

I walked in, elbowed my way past a bunch of other overstays who were conveniently forgetting I was there before they were, submitted my passport, got the form, paid my fine, got the HdS, got on a bus and left, with no problems whatsoever. Not even a raised eyebrow.

The guy at Migraciones asked me exactly one question: When do you leave?

Once I confirmed that I understood how much it was, he couldn't have cared less.

Johny Park


I want to share my experience paying for over staying fee.(2019. MAY 30)

I arrived at airport around 8 am(my flight time is 12pm). There is a immigration office near arrival gate(1st floor). I said I want to pay fine then officer made a paper and asked me to pay at the national bank(it is located also beside arrival gate). 10 mimutes for paper and 5 minutes for paying fees. It was still 4500 pesos.
Then returned the immigration office and gave the paper. She checked and gave me backto me.(10 minutes)
I need to show this paper when I checked in the flight ticket and customs.

That is it. It is simple as what steven said.

Thanks again. Take care.



I got a quick question. I am about to finish my 90 day extension on Monday. I'm planning to go back to the States, but, when is the soonest that I can return to Argentina after this happens? I would love to settle here in the long term, and while I am still planning to apply for jobs while at home, another option I am considering with my partner is to marry next time we meet each other.