Peanut Butter (Ducle de Leche)

Hi Everyone!!! I am looking for real American or Natural style PEANUT BUTTER and need your help!!!! I have been in BA for four months and just am going nuts ;)

I know I could make it, but I don't have a blender, such as shame, and well I although we have decided to stay for four more months, I just want to buy it in a jar.

I have noticed a lot of people knock peanut butter in BA, but I think it may be that they have just not tried really good peanut butter (and nut butters in general for that matter, such as almomd butter, cashew butter, soy-nut butter, etc). The other day (rechecking JUMBO) the info desk gal referred to this weird concoction I did buy as "Argentinian peanut butter," which was an extremely sweet and artificial spread that was nothing like real peanut butter. Other locals have recommended Dulce de Leche, but again we all know that is nothing like peanut butter.

The other peanut butter type I found was from the Chinese supermarkets, such as those in Belgrano or the occasional health food store. This style is very thin, runny, oily and overly sicky on the palate!

So, I would like help from ANYONE IN BUENOS AIRES, particularly the expat community who should have a better handle on what real peanut butter is.

If you could please help me find REAL (and I hate to say it) American style peanut butter (Jif, Skippy, Peter Pan, etc.) or REAL natural style, like you find at Whole Foods not the Asian food store kind here that is thick not runny, crunchy or smooth, and not excessively sweet. (Normally, I would seek low fat and other nut butters, but at this point, anything that is real peanut butter is what I need and fast!)

We have been to several COTOs, Nortes, DISCOs, a few health stores and Asian stores and we were just at JUMBO two days ago with no luck...but we are told it is "sometimes there."

IF YOU SEE Amercian style peanut butter please let me know as soon as possible! I would love it you could buy it for me, tell me where you got it and I will pick it up, pay you back and ten some!

It would be a great x-mas gift if you could find it for me!!
Thank you,
peanut butter lover
Good luck on that one!
I totally know where you are coming from.
Peanut butter is to Americans as vegemite is to Aussies.
You need it sometimes.
I spend a lot of time in Thailand and there you can get both Skippy types and health food crunchy natural style (the only kind I like) in special Western expat oriented supermarkets.
It is a blessing.
I have a funny story about this I read once.
It is common for Thai people to be curious about what those inscrutible Westerners have in their fridges, The story goes that a group of young Thais had a good look and were especially horrified by the PEANUT BUTTER.
From that day on, they associated this particular foreigner as the man who keeps a jar of CAT SHEIT in his fridge (pardon my French).

So, yes, the love of peanut butter is not universal.
i got real peanut butter last saturday in jumbo--planter's, which is like skippy or jif. in fact, i bought four jars of it. they often have skippy as well. except for one time when i went to the jumbo in unicenter, they have always had it. maybe they just didn't direct you to the right section? it's either in the international foods section or the nuts area of the snack (chips) section.

where did you get cheddar cheese, nashorama/fullmettlejaquette?
Hasn't a circle been setup for expats who are traveling out of Argentina to pick up those impossible to find items that it is just hard to do without? Such as myself, it will be very difficult to get by without my sweet tea. Though I'm looking forward to trying matte.

I believe the street that Nashorama is referring to is Guemes.

I've been to Jumbo a few times and sometimes they have it, sometimes they don't, I went yesterday (Sunday) and there was none, but I suspect the weekend isn't a good time to look for it.

Thanks for the laugh fullmettle! That's hilarious.

Harold, you can find any flavour of tea here no problem, unless you are talking about proper Indian chai, which I haven't tried to track down yet.

Mate's very much a social thing, not something you would really order on your own (in fact some of the Argies that I know actually can't stand the flavour, but drink it because of social ritual). The Argentines aren't as addicted to it as the Paraguayans or Uruguayans -- you will occasionally see them walking around with thermos' of it.
Thanks for all the efforts everyone!!!!! Well, I am still looking and please just keep a look out an post when and if you see it immediately after so I can buy a few! Family is sending a few in a care package although the details are a surprise so cross your fingers I receive it and soon!!!

Luckily we have had some good luck in finding some other favorites. We found salsa (dip) although medium heat was a fabulous with the tortilla chips more commonly found!! Also found some yummy spicy beans (canned), refried beans, and various hot sauces. We also found sesame oil, Asian chili sauce and were able to make our wonderful Ramen, peas, and egg soup! Yum! It is so funny some of the hot sauces and Asian specialty sauces have sensors, but they are rare and expensive relative to standard Argentinian food stuffs.

Please promise you will keep looking for peanut butter. I have contacted the Pehuen Diet rep to try theres could be way better than the Asian (Argentinian produced) PB around town??!! Anyone tried this Pehuen Diet and their PB?

peanut butter lover!!
Hi everyone, this is my first time writting. I have been here 2 years and get my supply of peanut butter and all that stuff like powdered ranch dressing from my family members who come down. I have not really had a problem finding peanut butter though - I usually get it at the Jumbo in Unicenter ( I live in Acasusso) I can find maple syrup and now especially I can find more things like nacho chips etc. I will be going to Jumbo next week probably so if I see they have a good supply I will let you know.
I think the brand they carry is Planters.
good to know I am not the only one who likes the stuff or gives it to my kids - nothing like a good peanut butter and jelly sandwich!
why don't you forego your insatiable yearning for peanut butter ( Which I by the way think is digusting) and immerse yourself in the incredible array of foods that you can eat here... you'll be back in the States eating bland tasteless foods soon enough. You can make it with out peanut butter a while longer.