Picnic Sunday December 27


Oct 12, 2009
Hi everyone,

As it is raining today we're postponing the picnic we planned for today to tomorrow, Sunday December 27. Same place, same time, so:

time: from 4 PM
location: Parque 3 de Febrero, in the part called Plaza Holanda, on the side of Av. Infanta Isabel (see http://www.ezlect.com/temp/park-meeting-point.jpg). We'll have an opened umbrella with us so you'll be able to recognise the right spot.
what to bring: some food and a drink, we'll supply plastics cups, cutlery and plates.

Please reply to this thread if you're planning to come.

We're looking forward to meeting some new people, so hope to see you there!

Caitlan, Aaron, Frederik & Debby

(For the original message: see http://baexpats.org/expat-events/7484-christmas-picnic-saturday-december-26-a.html )
Thanks for organising this, Debby. Tomorrow looks nice and sunny.
My boyfriend and I would like to come.
be sure to shower yourself with OFF

or you will be eaten by mosquitoes in less than one hour.

good luck!
Yeah, the mosquitos are getting bad, aren't they? Thanks for the tip, I'll bring my Deet (even better than Off :))
If the weather holds - We will be coming along to say hi and get eaten by the mossies - And will bring supplies (of food & drink, not of mossies, they can find their own way!)...

Liam & Paula
hi there, this is a great idea ... we will come :0).

look forward to meeting you all, angie and luka
orwellian said:
Mosquitoes are really just a problem at night time.

In which country?

Dengue ones attack in the day time - I'll still have the Off on :)
I go running in that park each other day. If I were you, I'd worry about getting hit by a car rather than acquiring Dengue.