Pilar on weekends by combi/mini bus?


Aug 28, 2008

We are a carless family of 4 and we need to go to Pilar the 1st weekend of November, to the Campo de Deportes of San Agustin's school, km 48 on Panamericana - ramal Pilar.

Before calling a remise, does anyone know if there is a mini bus service (like the MaryGo for Nordelta, Horqueta Express) which runs on weekends?


As Attorney said, you will want to take the Pilar Express from Plaza Italia which is the express 57, much nicer than the combi (it's big and green and has Pilar Express written on it). It's really comfortable, you buy the tix at the stand. FYI, you will want to buy the cards as otherwise, you need to pay in change coming back. It should be btwn 7-9 pesos per person, each way.
Like CityGirl said, buy the cards. Paying in change here is the same as with all public buses in Buenos Aires: coins.
You could try the train. Last time I used it it was six pesos return from Palermo station. I hear a lot of reports about it being unsafe, but we never saw any trouble and there was an armed policeman on the train all the way.
It is worth the money just for the entertainment, you can listen to poetry (I never understood a word but it was fun just the same) but glasses, colouring books, pens, you name it.
OK so they are hard wooden seats but you can get up and walk around and you get a quite different view of the places you pass through.