pizza in B.A.


Aug 14, 2009
So far I have only found one place that doesn't use pizza dough as a delivery device for over a pound of cheese. I love the place Filo on St. Martins and Paraguay, are there any other places like it around?
There is this pizzeria on Paraná @ Plaza Vicente López. There are actually two within 100 meters, but the one I'm referring to is not from the "Los Inmortales" cadena. Can't remember the name, but I head a great pizza there. Thin crust and just enought cheese. :)
There are some places that serve a thin crust pizza.
I like Io Te Amasso, which is on Malabia 1885.
You can order their thin, crispy crust pizza with what ever you want, including NO cheese at all, if thats what you desire.

But really- you should just try to enjoy the pizza that you have, rather than the pizza you wish you had, to paraphrase Donald Rumsfield.
Or, as Jerry Rubin used to say,
Eat Here Now.

dreaming about pizza of continents you are not on is a prescription for melancholy, let me tell you.

There is great thick and cheezy pizza here-
places like Los Inmortales, Banchero, El Cuartito, Las Cuartetas, Guerin, La Mezzetta, Punto y Banco, and many more-

And Faina- while not pizza, even though it is pizza shaped- has no cheese at all. Me, I am a devotee of Fugazetta, where the onions outweigh the cheese 3 to 1. La Mezzetta cooks it fugazetta upside down, to get the onions nice and carmelized...

you can find em all on Guia Oleo-

My favorite amusement at parties in BA is to ask two, or more, Portenos which is the best pizza. The resultant argument can go well past dawn, and is a mini-tutorial in every aspect of Argentine culture, language, slang, food, genealogy, geography, and history.

I find it worse that I cant find a decent argentine style pizza in Seattle.
Or Terma. Or good humita empanadas. Or a tarta like the ones at La Nueva Gata Allegria, on Billinghurst- kind of like a Muffaleta, but with pumpkin. Nothing like em in North America. Or Papas with Cebollas.
When I am not in Buenos Aires, I miss the food there. Guess I am just contrary.
Jumbo have some excellent pizzas. The down side is you have to cook them yourself, but just how bad can it be turning on yor oven for fifteen minutes.
The upside of course is it is freshly cooked and done just how you like it.
Inmortales is a classic BA joint you must try. Its a little expensive for pizza but pretty good.

Pizza y Espuma is also pretty good and if you want to feel really American they have Budweiser on draught.

Kentucky is ridiculously cheesy and greasy but open until like 7 am for those that get the late night munchies.
I would be interested to know what the ingredients on argentine frozen pizzas are.
In the USA, frozen pizza is the toxic waste dumping site of the food world- the "cheese" is not recognizable as such, but usually something called "milk solids", the chemicals listed with more than 4 syllables outnumber anything I recognize as food, and corn syrup is somehow a mysterious necessity.

With all that fresh, hot pizza available, the idea of eating frozen pizza sure doesnt appeal to me.
I buy a fair amount of it in the USA, to feed to my picky eater son, and it is mostly the consistency and taste of soggy cardboard.

Punto y Banco or Bust!