Places to run in BA?


Jun 12, 2006
Hi all,
Are there any places to run in BA? My husband and I like to run about 40-50 miles a week and would like to know if there are any running routes that one would recommend. If so, where are they and approximately how far are the routes/loops?
Thanks again for any information that you can give me.
I like to run in the park system of Palermo. It is challenging to find a place in B.A. where you can run long distances without having to stop for the traffic. Even in the park system there are a number of roads where you have to stop every once in a while. Within the park beginning at Sarmiento and Av del Liberatador there is an area called Parque 3 de Febriero. There is a stretch of pedestrian walkway where you can run without worrying about the traffic (you don't have to worry about cars and buses but unfortunately you still have to watch out for bikes, dogs, and rollerbladers.) I think that 3 1/2 to 4 revolutions around is about 6Km but I'm not exactly sure. This track surrounds a pond and there are almost always people and police there. Farther into the park there is also another area where you can make a route out of the trails but it is a little bit more isolated in certain areas. The route that I'm speaking of would be bound by Florencio Sanchez, Figueroa Alcorta, La Pampa, and some train tracks that run almost paralell to Liberatador. You could also try the ecological reserve in Costanera Sur. There are a path of trails located in this area that are unpaved. It is nice because it is a long continous path but I didn't like it there because it seemed to me to be a little bit too isolated and during the summer the bugs were totally out of control.
Hello everyone,
Just got to BA 48 hours ago and had the pleasure to run in the park system of Palermo this evening. It was great! Thanks to everyone for your suggestions on running and also thanks in general for participating in this forum. My husband and I have benefitted greatly from reading this forum - it has made our transition relatively easy.