Pro Government March scheduled for this Saturday August 24.

D.B. Cooper

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What a useless march.
No looting?! What a waste of time.
Entitled assholes from barrio parque. They shouldn’t even be living here.
A march without crime. The nerve.
I was at the march. I saw young people and I saw old people. Even people in wheelchairs.
I saw the middle class and the not so middle class. I saw families with small children.
Anybody that was there was because of their own volition who wanted to show support for their president. Nothing wrong with that.
The Peronist like to bring people in from the shantytowns packing them into school buses.
That’s an old Peronist / K canard. Giving them food vouchers and money for their attendance.
They manipulate and exploit the poor for their own good to stay in power.
I’m glad I went. My favorite chant? “Argentina sin Kristina”.
PS. If you didn’t go,.... how do you know about the “Entitled assholes from barrio parque”???
Sounds like somebody’s been giving you that Kristina kool-aid again.
BTW... I live in Constitucion.


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How many times were you at a Marcha here is Argentina with the opposition?
Another excellent example of arguing crap which is not only obviously wrong, but just as obviously brought completely in bad faith.

The argument here appears to be that googling for “policia infiltrado” returns some results.
OK, let’s look at the 2 examples screenshotted.
  • One was a story of a protester caught red-handed... helping an injured police officer. This proves he was working for the police.
    • Without going further, I think we can all take a second to reflect on how many of this country’s problems stem from the fact that helping an injured police officer is proof of being an informant. Not on some psycho’s Twitter, but in a publication respected on Argentina’s left.
    • At any rate, the story was conclusively debunked by the protester’s union on their Facebook page.
      Will bajo mention that? Of course he won’t.
  • That leaves us with one (1) instance of a guy throwing rocks appearing to match a photo of an officer in uniform.
    • The same article bajo linked to named the person in question, and stated that he had been suspended from his department a year earlier for psychiatric problems.
Anybody familiar in the least with real infiltration by security services would understand what a crock of shit this all is.
And make no mistake, bajo understands this as well.

My point remains: engaging bajo’s crap will just bring a further avalanche of more crap.
Don’t repeat my mistake. Don’t engage.


A 21%+ lead this late in the game is absolutely insurmountable.
Macri and co aren't hoping to reduce the gap to 0, they're hoping to get to the ballotage. Still a difficult task but their goal is to chip away support until they're able to ensure there's a second round and then they win. Psychologically that works with people, but only if they're actually able to claw their way back in, which I doubt. We'll see.