PSA-Roundtrip airfare LAX-EZE under US$300


Feb 5, 2007
My friend just booked round trip, LAX-EZE for US$287 including taxes.
AA also had $385 from Dallas

Mexicana had no flights July 15 - 1 Aug when I looked yesterday -- were they doing a blackout??
Sorry, blackout as in retaliation against Aerolineas for stopping all flights to DF during the Mexican Gripe A breakout
Still wondering "HOW?"

The Mexicana website wasn't too friendly. I'm wondering if it was one of those "2 hour sales" or if it's something that might be available tomorrow.
Nap, I put dates in for November and it came back US$287 round trip, LAX-EZE.
Thanks, that should help.

I'm already going back for a whirlwind "coast to coast and a little in between" trip next month to early September, but we'll see.
Okay...before I do any digging on it just FROM the U.S. to BA that the costs are low or can you go from BA to LAX and/or DFW??

hey Napoleon -- yes the Mexicana site is unfriendly! That's why I started to wonder if it was a blackout or what. They used to have great prices,but booking online wih them seems a little touch and go.