public pool?


Jul 24, 2007
tried to search but couldnt find anything apart from Parque Norte..

looking for a public pool to escape the heat, maybe do some laps. prefer a big outdoor pool and area to relax etc, but not too expensive if poss.

Punta Carrasco. Tres piletas que encierran isletas, canchas de fútbol y vóley playero. Todos los días, de 10 a 20. Además, ofrecen clases de salsa y aerobic. No está permitido llevar vianda. Por día, de lunes a viernes, $ 18; el sábado, $ 28; el domingo, $ 25; 6 a 14 años, $ 12, $ 16 y $ 17. Por semana $ 120. Por mes $ 300. En Costanera Norte y Sarmiento (4807-1010).
parque norte is nice enough. there are several pools including a lap one. it gets very crowded so go in the morning. you can eat there and there is a small park surrounding it. but it abuts the airport, airplane noise is loud as they will come right over you.
punta carrasco is riverside, so the smell can be putrid depending which way the wind blows. i find it quieter than parque norte but also thought the pools werent as nice. not very deep.
you used the term "public pool". i think im correct, the nations capital doesnt have a public pool system and i bet you cant find one arg. on this board who would go to one should it exist. thats a dare.
if anyone find another pool, let us know where it is and the price. I suppose its easier for those living outside the city.
hello, i think punta carrasco is more beautiful place, but swimming pool are a bit smaller than parque norte. But the place (parks, tennis courts, beach volley court and garden are very well. Its "more relax" place.
Parque norte has a big parks too and diferents thinks, swimming pool are really more big, but is full of people too.
i was in other place out of Downtown, close to Peru Beach in San Isidro.
Check in google Peru beach, tran de la costa, 1 block of peru beach, there are a little club with coast of the river plate and quiet swimming pool. There practice wind surf, kite surf and more.
I went to parque norte this thurs. and i enjoyed myself and will go back once or twice more this summer. wasnt a very hot day thurs. i arrived at 1.15 and say the pool area was about half full. i went to the far end under the fake Israeli wall of Tierra Santa and relaxed. By 3, the place was full. So go as early as you can. i was told it its overflowing with people on the weekend, so try to go during the week.
There are quite a few bus lines that seem to stop at the university across the street or in nearby palermo.
The pools are more for splashing or wading, anyone serious about swim probably wont like it. shallow.
outside the pool area is a park. if you only want to relax in the park, take sun, use the changing rooms, restaurant, and showers, then you pay something like 8 pesos. its 18 for the park and pool. i walked over to the bosque, which is the area the summer camp groups use. i found several quiet places over there and its a short walk back into the pool area.
the airplanes land right over your head, no kidding. not a big deal, but combined with the loud rock music the place plays poolside, its not as quiet as some would like. Quieter in the park area though.
i found it cooler there than downtown and a strong breeze was blowing from the river. i might go once in a while just to relax in the park and read. if i get hot, ill just shower off outside.
Okay, so how about a private pool--someplace centrally located where you can work on your tan during the summer? I know you can pay to use the gym and pool at Claridge's, but I don't want to have to hop a cab to go there. (I'm in Barrio Norte.) Any ideas?
Club Amigo has 2 outdoor pools, indoor lap pool and lots more. Don't know the price.
Just called Claridge's they now charge 210 AR$/day for a 'package' that includes the use of pool, sauna and gym.