Re: bringing a car and stuff in country


Jul 19, 2007
I am a dork. What I was going to ask is how difficult/expensive is it to bring in a car and furnishings into the country. Or is it better to get a used car once there and purchase furniture etc.
The website of the Argentine Embassy in Miami has the most comprehensive information. Unfortunately, it is only available in Spanish. Here is the link....

de importación para argentinos y extranjeros que ingresen al
paísYou can contact them via e-mail for additional questions. Hopefully if you write to them in English, they will answer you likewise. I did a lot of research on this subject on my many trips here. I selected not to bring my car, although I could duty free. The cost to transport here was too high for me. But I did ship a container full of household goods, including living room furniture, mattresses, sheets, towels, kitchenware, electronics. I do not regret the choices made as the quality of my used goods far exceeds what I could purchase here new. I did buy here a dining room set and a refrigerator.
I shipped goods twice. Once in 1992 and a second time in 2004. It was my 2nd experience with Argentine Customs. This time it was a quick and efficient process. I had the paperwork to be exempted from duty fees....and there was no hint of bribes.
My container arrived at the port on July 14th and it was delivered today. I'm not sure about cars, but my motorcycle was crated inside the container. It was door to door service with packing and unpacking through KRP moving. They were a bit more expensive, but well worth it because I did not have any problems with customs or paperwork once it arrived. In fact, it would have arrived at my door sooner, but we took a few days to sign the papers.
I paid a little over $9000 USD for a full container from Burley, Idaho to my apt in AR That was door to door service with them packing and labeling, insurance on our items and crating a motorcycle to put inside the container. The crating alone cost over $1000. Permanent and Citizens are allowed to bring their items inside the country duty free. Temporary residents can bring it in temporarily duty free and as soon as they are permanent residents, and the items become domesticated. I don't believer there is a difference in what items are duty free or not. My container - get this - was mostly comic books and comic collectibles, but I didn't have to pay anyt duty on it. The only additional cost I paid once it got here was a 300 dollar bonding fee.
We are going to be only down to the country 3 months at a time. We do not plan on becoming residents. Do you have to have residency to get a vehicle into the country?
there is a 50% duty on cars...only those with diplomatic papers are exempt.
PK, the last time I asked you will owe Argentina's government 80% of the market value of your car for duties and taxes (diplomats excempt as stated) and this applies to Arg. nationale and foreigners. For furniture - we opted to buy in BsAs - if you have favorite furniture pieces in your life that you can not live without, take it but otherwise - for a little bit more money and lots of leg work you can find very nice furniture in BsAs.