Re: Cop ripped us off


You got off cheap. Usually they walk you to an ATM and stand there until you fork over $500 pesos, plus or minus.
I think its very useful to share these type of stories. A cop apparently doing his job should have been the first sign something was fishy.
Not a day goes by that im not nearly killed, run over, in a pedestrian crosswalk. i walk with the green light, yet cars wanting to turn come right at me as if i didnt exist. the cop just stands there. I reprimanded one driver yesterday, with the cop looking on, the driver said hed kill me if i didnt shut up.
You can paint a rosy picture of argentina all you want, but the realities of a culture that is generally dishonest and takes advantage of others at every opportunity and has zero respect for any of its own laws, especially transit laws, just washes that rosy glow away.
VERY few people seem to be punished in argentina. the legal system is in need of sweeping reform. If you report something, almost nothing is done about it. trials take forever (have you seen a trial yet about the Cromagnon disco fire tragedy from years ago? no!!). there are no jury trials, you often will never see a judge or a judge you. The entire system of reporting bribes, crimes, etc. just doesnt work in the sense of speedy reprimand. There were kidnappings every 5 minutes when i got here. Very few people seemed to have been punished. Counterfeiting has been rife since i got here. Im not aware a darn thing has been done about it.
At first i was perplexed why the country was such an underachiever and had such deep problems. Im not confused anymore, it all makes sense and its their complete resistance to any type of change or new idea that impedes progress. Blinded by their own arrogance you could say.


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Hello NJCaramelo,I am sorry for what happened to you. Next time, do not offer the cop money. If he threatens you with writing you a ticket, let him do it. Ask for his name, rank and badge number. After he has done so (he is forced to by law), tell him that you will contest these charges in court and will request his appearance before the judge. For the cop, that means he can kiss his "franco" (free day) goodbye. Cops must appear in court on their own time. If he writes the ticket, let him do it. Be nice, but remain firm. In court, explain your case to the judge, bearing in mind that judges know Argentine cops better than anyone, and know exactly what they're up to. I am sure he will disregard the charges immediately.
If the cop threatens you with taking your car, just remember that as long as you're in it, he can't touch it. That's kidnapping, or "privación ilegítima de la libertad" in Spanish. Ask your Argentine husband to tell you about the funny case of the person in Pilar who owned a brand new BMW and had failed to pay the "patentes", but when stopped by the police, remained in the car for hours, and the cops had to let him go (he was a lawyer).
Just remember that the cop is in this argument with you only because he wants money, and the minute he realises that bribery is not an option, he will let you go. And don't be scared, cops here will stop you for no reason at all and tell you how deeply in trouble you are, when in actual fact you've done nothing, just for a few bucks. Pretty much like contractors, handy men and plumbers do when they want to charge you more.Again, I am really sorry.I hope this helps,Cheer up!Ernie


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"Granadaiscool" said:
What would you do if you make 800 peso a month?
Get a different job!

Not a lot you can do without a a highschool diploma
Why is that my problem? Don't like the salary? Go somewhere else.
The police is about the only job in Argentina that did(does) not ask for an high school diploma
Have you ever looked at your friends of the policia Bonarense?


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"Granadaiscool" said:
The police is about the only job in Argentina that did(does) not ask for an high school diploma
Have you ever looked at your friends of the policia Bonarense?
Chap, I'm sorry, but you've got your facts wrong. To enter the Federal Police Academy, you need to have finished high school. It's the Buenos Aires provincial Police that doesn't require it.It really doesn't make that much of a difference, really...
Why you think I asked about the policia Bonarense?
Since like 2 years they ask for a highschool diploma to enter the Federal police, before that was not a requirement. And those are the morons you see on the streets.
And yes the police saves them, they have zero chance with another job