Re: Place that buys books?


Walrus Books in San Telmo.

United States & Peru.

They might not buy all of them, be warned, but a great bookshelf.


This Saturday 9th, There is the annual 'book festival' in the Palermo area. I dont know much about it, (personally, reading is about as much fun as having cancer) but my girlfriend is going. I will try and get more details for you and im post them here when i do. Im sure you might be able to get rid of some there.


got rid of all mine at the book fair in caballito, also try round parque centenario. but they are quite picky with titles, and you get peanuts for i would hold onto them or give them to a trusted friend. you could also go to hostels and exchange them, as another option.


"perilousp" said:
They only trade 'popular' fiction. I did get rid of some but have about 50 or so books left.
Walrus is a joke of a bookshop. They're mostly selling pulp. Problem is the owners don't know anything about books -- the sine qua non for any independent bookseller.