Real Estate Licenses


Jun 18, 2005
1. Do real estate agents in the city have to be licensed and pass a difficult exam (like in some of our home countries)
2. What about in the province of BA?
3. Seems like a good business, have any expats (born and raised abroad) become real estate agents here? So few people speak English here i would think there would be a demand for English speakers. I keep reading people posting about how bilingual they are, ive been here years, yet during your day, you'll rarely encounter anyone who understands more than a few words.
Please, answers based on facts only. Im confused enough as it is, hehehe.
The reason i ask, is that everyone is referring me to their friends, etc. who want to sell me something and make a commission, but the first question im asking them is if they are official agents and licensed. i mean anyone can try to sell you something and make a mango. Im hoping the agents are licensed, passed exams, and are held accountable by the licensing board. my fingers are crossed!
Ive asked around about this, but like most things, i get many diff. answers. I could use a little more black and white in arg. versus foggy and nebulous.
anyone can get a property, advertise it and say they're an estate agent. no exams necessary-that's why there are so many of them.
This information is incorrect. There is a law that states that real estate agents have to get the ¨Martillero Publico ¨ degree and the respective license, also get updated and read the new law and regulations for buying, selling and renting properties. Everything pays VAT and has to be declared. This is the law, now you will notice that there are people acting as RE agents all over the city. If you go with any of those, and anything happnes, then do not complain!
Ask 5 different people in argentina, and youll get 5 different answers. People will swear to this and that, then you hear someone else swearing to the opposite.
You have to admit, lifes not easy here. back in our home countries, many of you will know, there are real estate licenses and real estate exams to ensure their knowledge, exams which i always heard werent easy.
Are we dealing with experts or not, how can we know if we are dealing with honest people if there is no license for the state to take away from them.
interesting...out of all the estate agents i met in BA-that's quite a lot- not one of them said they needed a licence to be an agent, even when i specifically asked. i obviously didn't ask every single one but i asked several including some of the biggies. the escribanos i knew also said there was no licence for estate is often the case in BA and as jg says, information can be very conflictive...
Nothing to be confused about: get informed. The law is pretty clear.La Legislatura de la Ciudad
Autonoma de Buenos Aires sancionó el pasado jueves 17 de mayo la Ley
que crea el Colegio Único de Corredores Inmobiliarios de la Ciudad. La
nueva ley Nº 2.341, surge a partir de aceptar el veto que el Poder
Ejecutivo aplicara el 28 de diciembre de 2006 a la anterior ley
introduciendo modificaciones al proyecto original.