repair/re-model work recommendations


Jan 3, 2007
My depto is in need of some general repairs and I am looking for some recommendations for handymen in the Barrio Norte area for the following repairs:

1. roll up window shade (what is this called in Spanish) needs to be repaired
2. curtains need to be hung
3. walls need some crack repair/painting

Does anyone have someone they can recommend? If not, any suggestions where I might find a reputable handyman?


A good idea that for me at least work very well is to see janitors around, one that is truthworthy and honest, call a janitor nearby for a small job then if he doesn`t charge you a lot you can call him for more important jobs, janitors want to have an extra income and is better from people nearby and nowadays janitors that are hired must know how to fix a lot of things.
The janitor from the building next to my PH does all the work I have at home, repairs the gas heater, change the roll up window or persiana, he prefers to have clients in the same neighborhood where he lives and have some extra money and Iam glad to call someone that I know and works just next to my house, I always give him a tip as he doesn`t charge much!
good luck
no...i'm by no means fluent, but I can get my point across. The only criteria is he can't have "plumber's butt" :)