Residency and Permanent DNI


Apr 8, 2008
I have been a contracted worker here since March 06 and in March 09 I am due to get my permanent DNI (on the third renewal) but I have just been advised that our team is being dispanded so my contract is only until Dec 08.

How can I still avail of the chance to get my permanent DNI? As an engineer without it I will not find more work. I have tried to get a contact in immigrations and also the RRHH of my firm has tried to get a work around but with no luck.

I am also with my same sex partner since Jan 05, can a civil partership law or anything kick in and help out?? I have called migraciones and to be honest the info I get is mixed to say the least and I dont know who to listen to.

I would greatly appreciate a contact or some solid info I can use to advance this resolution, thanks a million. Paddy
Paddy, I believe the easiest thing to do it to get married, if that is not an option maybe you can try to get a new job before Dec 08 to have in place and then renew your DNI? If you can speak spanish - or your partner, it is a good idea to email Migraciones with your question, they have always answered all my emails and helped me out throughout my husbands perm residency process.
unfortunately we cant get married (that I know of anyway) as the civil partnership is the closest they have but I have had no confirmation that will help at all?
I mailed migraciones and although helpful and timely, the replies relayed information which was totally wrong and when I went to the appointment they advised that I needed the three years residency here, not two as the migraciones mail had informed me to complete the tramite for the full DNI.
I would happily get a new job but without the permanent DNI no one wants to hire me! So its a proper Catch 22 :(
I am sorry to hear that :( I have been researching about civil partnership rights, and I couldn´t find anything that says that you can apply for perm residency, maybe at the Civil Register they will be able to confirm that ( or try again asking Migraciones about that ). I wish I could be more helpful, good luck though!
Marry a different sex person for residency status.

Problem solved.

No problem.
thanks all. Lorena had bad news but to be honest, all doom and gloom and without a contract from my work they wont renew the DNI in March.
I had never seriously considered getting married for the the visa but now maybe its time?? My Dad would be thrilled at least ;-)
Hi try this company, i haven't got my dni yet, but they sorted out a load of paperwork which i needed done for business and drivers license which saved me a total nightmare. They mainly do residencies though and I found out that most people are eligible to get one, just depends which route you want to take to get it, for which there are various. I know though that you need birth certificate and clearance report from your own country in most cases.
My name is Steve Maggi and I am a US immigration attorney with an immigration firm here in Buenos Aires. My partner Aldo Spicacci is an Argentine attorney and we handle immigration for foreigners in Argentina as well. If you want to sit down and discuss the alternatives let me know.
The website is and the phone is 011 4786 3504.


Hi Paddy,

There are currently 2 cases pending at Immigrations like yours, same sex couples with “uniones civiles”. The legal department haven’t issued their legal opinion yet. You should definitely apply and petition your residency as a spouse. I think the legal opinion will be issued soon in one of the cases (a couple from Spain), I will keep you posted with the outcome.

My personal feeling is that after Resolucion 671/2008 ANSES (19/8/2008) granting pension to same sex couples, Immigrations will favor this couples or they will be taken to court.

Plan A). If your residency expires on March 1, 2009, and you work till the end of December 2008, you will have a salary receipt issued in January 2009…..So since you can renew your residency 2 months in advance, you should use your current job salary recipts to renew your residency the first days of January 2009 and become permanent. (do not disclose that December was your last month working)

Plan B). Your partner should sponsor you as an employer so that you remain “hired” and can renew your residency.

Plan C). Get a “union civil” from GCBA and do your petition as a spouse. I think that there are 80% chances that Immigrations will grant you the residency.

Act quickly, don’t lose the 3 years counting towards permanent residency under no circumnstances.

Cheers, Gabriel.-