Residency/Visa Agencies?


Sep 28, 2008
i am about to start the process of getting my residency here in argentina. i had a baby here 5 months ago. does any one know an agency who can handle all the paper work and save me several headaches? i only know of ARCA. i am looking for another option.

Gabriel is currently helping me with my DNI and also another friend who is an active member on this site. He is often recommended in this forum.

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Hi Angie, we may be able to help, send us an email and let us know what you're needing to do exactly and will get back to you asap.
I can recommend a very good attorney who specializes in residency, issue of DNI and all the like for foreigners wanting to reside permanently in Argentina. He does all the paperwork and errands himself. He has actually been in the Migrations office several times already.
His name is Sergio Orellana and his email address is: [email protected] and his cell phone no. is 15 6167 7594.
Best of lucks,
I also am getting a DNI and just had a daughter here in Argentina. My first question is does your daughter have there DNI. I have been working with a person in immigration and you have to go thru everything just like everyone else. Here is a list of Document you need. You alway need the orginals but only turn in copies to immigration. The service I am using said I will get my Permanent DNI within Two months. There is now a three year renewal before DNI is Permanent. My process has been going on for a month still waiting to get my letter of process. Hope this helps

1. Passport and Visa page has to be current
2. Apostle Birth Certificate
3. Driver License valid or legal ID of your country of orgin
4. Translated Apostle Birth Certificate and Passport into
Spanish by a certified Translator and then certified
5. Bill showing where you are living here in BA with your name on
it with a police report verify that you live there.
6. Finger prints and police report in Spanish can be obtained at
the Ministry of Justice here in BA
7. Your childs DNI orginal and copy.