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Nov 17, 2008
I am thinking of relocating to Buenos Aires. I am retired and will have a annual retirement earnings of 6,000 dollars per month. In the US that doesn't let me have a comfortable life so I want to move to a cheaper place. However, from reading the forums it seems that Buenos Aires is getting more and more expensive. Will 6,000 dollars/month be enough to live on. If not I am thinking of supplementing my income by consulting part time. Does anyone know of any salary calculator so I could compare what is 72,000/year in Buenos Aires to cities in the US?
I don't know if this is post is for real. One person can't live comfortably in the U.S. on $72k a year, get real. 95% of the retirees in the U.S. get by on a lot less than that and have comfortable lives.
I agree with Stanexpat. This post is probably bogus. If it's not....I would say you're pompus! I don't recommend your living in BA. You'll never get along with the people. Try UGANDA your 6k a month will go very far there and you can probably open your own bank.
At the current rate of inflation (30%) you'll be safe for 20 years - need a beer buddy?
It was a serious question. I had no idea what kind of retirement earning the people here were living on.
justarrived said:
It was a serious question. I had no idea what kind of retirement earning the people here were living on.
You may find that a bit of quick research -- Wikipedia, local library, World Fact Book, even tourist's guides -- will give you information about life and standard of living in Buenos Aires. If, after a few evenings' read, you still think you might enjoy living here, why not come down for a few weeks (or months)? That should give a full answer to each of your concerns.
6k monthly, wether you are single or coming with a partner should suffice and let you have a nice living standard, even if you have to rent an apt/house. You should do your homework regarding health insurance though as I believe most companies don´t get new affiliates past a certain age. A family´s friend is retired and earns 6k usd monthly and he travels a couple of times a year, eats out twice a day, has a live in maid etc.
my mom is argentine and she makes U$S500 a month and lives like a queen here so just come and regarding health insurance you don't need any, hospitals are free and there are some depending on the location thay are great.
And if you can save some money you'll buy a nice place for yourself in about a year!
You will live here fine off of $6,000US as long as the exchange works in the dollars favor. We live of the pesos here which is about $3,000 US. Health insurance will be costly, but not like the US.
If you factor in a mortage or rent $72K in the US is not that much! Stanepat and prueben your responses were obnoxious. Justarrived: $72K a year in BA is more than enought to live a comfortable life. Enjoy your retirement!