Reunted in Bs As after 30 years


Sep 26, 2005
I'm glad I found this site and forum,especially for exchanging ideas and stories. My story goes back a long way.
I lived here in 74 to 76, when my father was British Naval Attache to BA and Montevideo.In May 76, I met a girl, Adriana, who became my first love and love of my life. We were very young. I was 17, she was 15. We simply clicked, and can't listen to Pink Flyd's "Wish you were here" without thinking back to those wonderful times.I left on a Blue Star line ship, for England in November of that year, and distinctly remember waving to her from the deck. Over the years, we kept in touch by letter and postcards, and rarely forgot our birthdays. We both tried to see each other again. Adriana had her papers and purse stolen in Madrid just after the Malvinas/Falklands war, and I was just about to travel just before that. Neither of us made it.We did finally meet up with our respective partners in London in 94, and the spark was still there. We kept in touch, and finally, due to changes in our personal circumstances this March, we spoke and I decided to make the trip. I arrived at Ezeiza in May, and nearly knocked over a policeman in the rush to get to her through the crowd.We were older, but we still knew. I spent a month here in this fabulous country, and after a while we decided we wanted to be together, forever.I came back again 3 weeks ago, and we have found somewher to live in Olivos.It's tough, but as we have both said "If it was easy, we'd all be doing it."I return to Spain tomorrow, to end my life there, and will return to Argentina late October to begin our new life together. Chances like this appear once in a lifetime, we know this and are taking it.
As an aspiring writer, I am trying to write about this in my book, which I hope to get published one day. I hope you all enjoy our story.
Ohhh.............such a lovely story......and what a happy ending.
Good luck 2u both.
Thanks Jazzy.It's now over a year since I posted the original thread and I thought some of you might like to know how things are going.Well, I came back last October, but had to fly back to Spain again this March to sort out yet more things over there.I finally returned this April and feel much more settled. I don't hink we can underestimate the upheaval we all experience moving so far from our families in Europe or USA. Now we are making plans to move to Madryn together. Not that we are tired of BA, but we want to make a start somewhere else. Still haven't finished the book. I just hope it won't remain a work in progress. Adriana and I are very happy together and we still have to pinch ourselves that now we are in our mid forties and were once boyfriend and girlfriend here in BA in 1976.To me, she is as beautiful now as she was then....