San Telmo safety


Aug 19, 2008
A friend of mine inviited me to visit his flat in Brixton. I was concerned as I'd heard it was 'dangerous'. He responded with; 'what are you daft? you're from NYC, nothing here is dangerous for you.That being said I am intrigued by San Telmo for my first BA stay. Anybody with aviso's for me? Thanks
aviso: Brixton - its is way more dangerous than nyc these days.
teenage gangs carrying knives and bats - re. Clockwork Orange.
San Telmo has petty crime.
Its a good place for restaurants and bars but personally dont see the point in staying there. Much nicer areas to stay, palermo, recoletta, belgrano etc not as urban feel but nicer and probably safer. I know brixton well, its not quite the same. But still some danger in the air. Although i havent seen any crime first hand.Bars a bit similar.
Just carry a pepper spray, retractable baton, & problems solved. =)
If you like taking a stroll at night and turning the corner to see 3-5 people digging through hundreds of pounds of garbage pouring over the sidewalk and into the street, then perhaps San Telmo is the place for you.
If not, then you might consider staying in another part of town.