San Telmo


Dec 29, 2007
Can anybody give me a brief description of San Telmo in terms of nightlife, day-life, general location within the city, safety, etc.? I was in BA for a week in August, but only went to San Telmo once. Am moving to BA in February and searching for places to live.
Hi Catman,
I too have been considering San Telmo. If you do a Google image search for San Telmo Buenos Aires you will find lots of web pages. Also do a Youtube search as there are several videos on the area.
From what I know, it is south west of Palermo with a couple of other areas inbetween. It is known for being the tango capital of BA and also for being full of antique shops. It's old, scruffy and interesting...a bit like me!
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"steveinbsas" said:
Regarding San Telmo...yes, a google search will produce significant results.

I am very familiar with the area. For me it's ok for an occasional Saturday afternoon visit (it's much more crowded on Sunday with the street performers and the flea market). There are much better and much safer (albeit more expensive) places to live in BA. San Telmo does have a number of hostels and temporary apartments that appeal to students and those on a more limited budget. I believe is is essential to have advanced language skills to live in San Telmo. Palermo Soho is a lot nicer, with few high rise apartments, but some might find it a bit too trendy. Of course Recoleta is one of the nicest, but relatively more expensive neighborhoods. Its is best to be on the "river" side of Av Santa Fe (away from Av Cordova).
You will also find that there are other places in the city, that have their own identity as well, such as Caballito, Boedo, Almagro, Congreso, Colegiales.
San Telmo is full of antique stores, tango touristic places, illegal inmigrants from Peru and Bolivia, and old locals, and gay bohemian couples. There is always a spo for the true bohemian at heart in every neighbourhood.
Expats made it what it is today. argentines ignored it, disparaged it, feared it. Foreigners put it on the map as the french once did with the tango. Dont look for trendsetting in argentina.
The flea market in SanTel is fun though. Always a great weekend place to do some walking and browsing. Sometimes, it is just the right place to look for unique and good pieces for an ancestral homes. A must visit place to go in Buenos Aires, or on Sundays there are tango and flamenco (the real stuff) dancing, right on the plaza.
Good luck Catman.
San Telmo has more of an old world vibe than I feel in other areas of the city. The buildings are generally older and there are really no high rise apartment blocks here. Food shopping is mostly smaller markets as there is no big chain in San Telmo. It is not that far to one of the chains....and they deliver. There is an English book exchange/store on United States a few blocks off the plaza. There a bunch of places to eat on Chili and Defensa and also all around the Plaza Durego. Otherwise they are scattered throughout. During the week days you can sit outside and eat and watch dancing (tango and other styles) right in the plaza. Also, there are a few good tango clubs right off the square. It gets really crazy on Sunday with the market. I am female and have lived in San Telmo for about 7 months and have never had a single problem with safety. Pickpockets are a problem on the subte (metro) so watch your bags. Have not heard of anyone having a problem with crime other than that. As with anywhere, watch your stuff and grab a taxi home if it is late. (the subway stops running at about 10pm) I would stay on the Plaza Durego side of San Juan. Also, make sure you have air and heat as the older buildings do not necessarily have those perks. As far as Spanish, I have found that very few people (once you get off the Plaza) speak English. My speaking was quite dodgy when I got here and the people are quite friendly about helping you out and figuring out what you need. Plus, it makes you learn!! If you have any more specific questions feel free to ask.
I will be moving to B.A. from california on monday the 7th of jan 2008. I have a place for a few weeks lined up while I find an apt. I have been looking at San Telmo on the internet as a place to get a long term rental apartment. I guess what I am trying to say here is that I have no real idea of the neighborhood and would like a bit of direction.
I like food, bars and music. (rock and/or roll but mostly punk rock and rockabilly.) It seems like (on LCD at least.) a good place to live. Am i misinformed? Thanks- DK
I live on the other side of San Juan, but still in San Telmo... Fewer tourists, mate-gourd-sellers, antique shops for americans... still signposts in filetado and tango. I don't know why perilousp recomend to stay away from this part, but I don't agree... San Telmo is more than Defensa.