San Telmo


Feb 7, 2008
I will be living in this area for a couple of months...could anyone recommend good, but, not too epensive eating places. Also places to go at night to people watch, drink a good red wine....listen to some good music?
Also....any other parts of BA that one could go to, as a single woman to enjoy dinner and good music.
Hi Euni,

I moved to Buenos Aires a month ago and live in San Telmo...I have been going to Via Via and Kanpai! a lot -- both of them are on Chile, east of Peru a few blocks. Via Via has a good Lomo - I am eating it now. Kanpai! is japanese, and has a good chicken teriyaki dish. Both have good music -- a lot of jamiroquai, and similar stuff. Other places...well I still haven't found anything nightlife-wise that I'm really thrilled with. I'm still figuring that out. Every place I have been to is either dead, or super super crowded.
PM me if you want to meet up sometime! Ken
Thanks for the message Ken........I will be using my hotmail while in email [email protected] It would be nice to get together and check out the neighbourhood.
I'll be in BA March 1st so will get settled you have email?
Maybe there are other "new people", who would like to get out and about and meet for dinner, coffee or listening to music? Please feel free to contact. Regards, Euni
Regards, Euni
Thanks Euni.