Seeking recommendation for dinner/tango show - not tango for export!


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My aunt and uncle are coming to visit at the end of June, and I'd like to take them to an authentic/traditional tango show. Tangorama in Puerto Madero I found to be a bit cheesy and overdone, complete with a stilted rendition of the Police's "Roxanne" and strange costumes.Any suggestions? Has anyone tried Bar Sur in San Telmo, or El Querandí? We will probably have to go on a Tuesday night if that changes anything.Thanks!
Have been recommended:
" Esquina Carlos Gardel" show near the Abasto Shopping center.
Frommers writes: You'll find a more gracious experience at Esquina Carlos Gardel, Carlos Gardel 3200 (tel. 11/4876-6363), in the Abasto neighborhood where Carlos Gardel, the city's most famous tango crooner, actually lived and worked. A classical symphony accompanies the more traditional instruments in this show.
Anyone else know of others??