Seeking recommendation for dinner/tango show - not tango for export!


Apr 30, 2006
My aunt and uncle are coming to visit at the end of June, and I'd like to take them to an authentic/traditional tango show. Tangorama in Puerto Madero I found to be a bit cheesy and overdone, complete with a stilted rendition of the Police's "Roxanne" and strange costumes.Any suggestions? Has anyone tried Bar Sur in San Telmo, or El Querandí? We will probably have to go on a Tuesday night if that changes anything.Thanks!
Have been recommended:
" Esquina Carlos Gardel" show near the Abasto Shopping center.
Frommers writes: You'll find a more gracious experience at Esquina Carlos Gardel, Carlos Gardel 3200 (tel. 11/4876-6363), in the Abasto neighborhood where Carlos Gardel, the city's most famous tango crooner, actually lived and worked. A classical symphony accompanies the more traditional instruments in this show.
Anyone else know of others??
Found an interesting site called Tangodata that has been set up by the government of the city of Buenos Aires and may contain useful info for those that are interested in the subject. One can look up shows by date one wishes to go and the prices are stated online .