sending text (SMS) messages to/from US/Europe


Feb 19, 2008
Has anyone successfully sent or received text messages to and from the U.S./Europe and Argentina??? My friends have tried texting my Claro phone with the +54-9-11 ... to no avail. What's the trick??!

Check your plan to see if it allows incoming/outgoing international SMS. I have T-mobile in Hawaii and my gf has MoviStar. We text each other all the time, but the only problem is that every once in awhile, we don't receive our messages for up to 12 hours. This problem usually occurs on the weekends.
Hi, I just bought a Claro SIM card (for a cheap nokia phone I bought from the claro shop) and CANT send or recieve texts from New Zealand. I went into the Claro office and they said that since they have no friendly deal with a cell phone company in New Zealand you simply cant text NZ. Also when my family in NZ try to text me my phone will not recieve texts from NZ (and Australia). The girl in the shop said they really only have friendly deals with Spain and US.
Has anyone else found a way to text internationally (other than Spain or US) with Claro prepay?
most of my family in australia have no problems receiving my messages, however I don't receive theirs. A few months back I used to get them randomly, but now pretty much nothing. I text a friend in the UK recently and she didn't get it.

I am with movistar and have prepaid... ie I bought the chip for my own phone.
The carriers usually have an agreement to send/receive sms over their networks. Check both sides (your carrier's international SMS service) and your friend's abroad to make sure they partnered.


I checked Claro's web site and in their international SMS page, they do list "Nueva Zelanda" via "Telecom" agreement. That's no garantee it works, but it is what they have posted (which some times is inaccurate.)

Since you have a pre-paid, maybe you may want to consider switching? You can buy another SIM card or borrow a cell from a friend to test. Personal's international SMS page does not list NZ, but Movistar's SMS page does (cick "a quien le puedo enviar?").

Even if it works, like others have said here, international sms to/from Argentina does not seem to be reliable.

Good luck! ;)

ps: quick note on how to send/receive international sms.
richardrocks said:
Has anyone successfully sent or received text messages to and from the U.S./Europe and Argentina??? My friends have tried texting my Claro phone with the +54-9-11 ... to no avail. What's the trick??!


Sometimes it works without the "9" (be sure they dont use the "15" either). Have them try that; however, there is no garantee. The international sms service is unreliable in general.
After som trial and error me and my bf in BsAs managed to text eachother, he can send texts directly to my swedish number, however, when I get it, it appears as coming from the UK. I can't text straight to his number but have to reply to his messages, through the UK number... I have no idea of how this works, but since we figured it out it has been pretty reliable. I can call his number though, but my number doesn't appear in his phone, but some other random number. He has MoviStar and I use a swedish operator.
What you can do is one of these 2 alternatives:

Supposing you had Telecom Personal, like I do.

Anyone in the world can get into their website and send you a FREE TEXT SMS via the internet!! (I think YOU are charged for the message.)

Top of main page has the following link to SMS page:

(But it isn´t working right now.)
Speed and reliability should be OK since it goes straight into the same company´s system.

Another way is to send an e-mail to the cell-phone-which gets it as an SMS message.
For Movistar I know that the format is:

<código de área sin 0 ni 15> <nro de movistar>

[email protected]

Again RECEIVER pays the SMS but at local, NOT INTERNATIONAL, rates!!

What you need to do now is check for the correct procedures and webpages for YOUR local SERVICE PROVIDER and for your friend´s providers abroad.

Hope this works for you!
PS: most newer cell phones can send e-mail straight from phone
It would be neat to know if this worked for anybody