Shoe Repair Prices


Jan 2, 2007
Anyone tell me what going rate is for repairs. I just brought in 4 pairs to be fixed and the price was (gulp) over 100 pesos.

First pair just need the little rubber sole on the bottom of one of the heels - 18 pesos:eek: It's a 1/2 inch piece of rubber

2nd pair of sandals needed to have a strap glued back in (1 shoe)- 20 pesos

3rd pair needed strap glued in and the sole redone (1 sandal) - 40 pesos

4th pair needed 2 pieces reattached (1 shoe) - I think 30ish

Seemed REALLY expensive to me for basic work but I have no idea and was in a rush. What are you guys paying?

And not sure if it changes prices but 3 of the 4 were Italian shoes and he said they charge more for designer shoes??
Wow!! Expensive!!

I just got three pairs done for 35 pesos.

One pair of boots were re-soled, re-heeled and the guy painted the heels where they were worn.

One pair of sandals needed strap glued and he did it for free and sorta laughed at me for not owning shoe glue!

And the third were re-heeled and he polished them and he also painted the heels.

He didn't say a thing about designer shoes to me. I think shoes are shoes, he treats them all the same!

I went to FIX SHOE, they are a chain in Recoleta. I know of two close to me; one in Juncal and Libertad (mas o menos) and the other next to Carrefour on Vincente Lopez and Rodriguez Peña.
Citygirl, please let us know where did you go!!
It really sounds too expensive...
I would also suggest the The Fix Shoe place in Recoleta. I saw they have a huge sticker in their window saying that Tapitas are just 10 pesos (the rubber tip for heels).
I have also found huge price differences in at different shoe repair stores: I needed to change the zipper to a pair of knee high boots: one place ( Aguero between Peña and French ) asked 180$, walked a few more blocks and got it done for 50$ ( Laprida between Arenales and Juncal )
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