Shortage of US Imported Food Products


Mar 9, 2007
To my horror and disbelief, I cannot seem to find Heinz ketchup, peanut butter or American-made BBQ sauce anywhere in BA?! Went to Jumbo, Carrefour, Coto, Norte - y NADA.
I was able to find all of these items at all of these places just over a month ago. But it seems like they are beginning to hault the import of these goods (I did notice that there is an obscene amount of German food still being sold though). Anyone else running into this? Better yet, anyone know where I can actually get these items?
And yes, I know there are locally produced bbq sauce and ketchups (ick), and that I can substitute peanut butter for dulce de leche, but I don't care - these are a few items that are important to me.
Is everything manufacured in Argentina calorie free? Local ketchup, for example, is zero calorie?
Elpanada, did that in any way help answer my questions? No. That was just a rude thing to post. I assure you I am not an obese American who runs to Burger King and McDonald's everyday. I've been living in Argentina for the past few years and do like to have some "creature comforts" here. Do I make fun of Argentines in the US who like to drink mate and eat foods from back So please don't do that to me.
mccaffa-It seems the best thing to do is just ignore Elpanada. To answer your questions...I have never seen American BBQ sauce here. I do occasionally find Cranberry Juice at the Disco in their imported section. Its hit and miss but I stock up when they have it. The two Discos are the one on Rodriguez Pena (entre Las Heras y Juncal) and the other Disco on Quintana (entre Callao y Rodriguez Pena). Also yesterday I saw Argentine Peanut Butter at the Norte on Vicente Lopez (entre Rodriguez Pena y Montevideo). Its not very good. Too liquid-y but its better than nothing. Also there is a store with limited imported food on Libertad (entre Santa Fe y Arenales). They also have the PB and bags of tortilla corn chips. What I always do is have friends bring me back the large jars of PB from the States and/or stock up when I go back. Good luck and apologies for the other rude people.
I have to agree with mcaffa. There was no reason for that sarcastic link with the picture of the obese man. What's wrong with wanting a few food items from your home country? I know Argentines living abroad who make special efforts to get dulce de leche and mate. Nothing could be more fattening than dulce de leche. I know an Argentine who actually eats it by the spoon - just by itself. I have also known Japanese people who love their native food and look for items they can not easily get abroad. Chinese people are known for their preference for their own food. What is wrong with this? Why all the hostility against the US?
It might be a temporary thing, what I did see was cranberry sauce ( I need to get a couple cans while they last ) at Jumbo. Sometimes you find Planter´s PB and other goodies at the chinese in Belgrano. Also take a look at Leshop ( the online supermarket, I think they have Heinz products.V
Mcaffa -- I've been here 2 years -- it's always like this -- for months they'll have stock, you'll only buy one jar of PB because there's hundreds on the shelf, and then the next time you go back there's none, and then there won't be any for 6 months. Between not having time to go to Jumbo, and there not being any PB etc on the shelves I've gone 8months or more without. You have to put in order with your friends that come down and buy the Costco 2kg tubs when you go back. The first time you taste it after months and month you kind of have this "ugh, this is what I've been craving??" reaction.
BBQ sauce is extremely rare -- this is why Argentines love places like Kansas, because American food is kind of exotic here (beyond the McDs...). Ketchup I've got no idea, I've never purchsed it so it's not really something I look for. Maybe the ketchup at McDs is Heinz? Might be worth going and grabbing some if it is.
At home I ate burgers maybe a few times a year (unless it was lamb or turkey burgers I made at home -- oh what I would give for some ground lamb! I think the butcher would think I was crazy if I asked them to grind up some cordero though...) -- but for some reason for the past month or so I've been craving one of those HUGE burgers with loads of cheese, bacon, sauteed mushrooms and real fresh crispy lettuce and tomato on a big ass bun. I'm going to L.A. for a wedding at the end of the month and I know my friend will think I'm crazy but that's probably the first thing I'm going to eat when I touchdown...
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