Sinking Economy: A Restaurant Closes Every Day




Wow, more than 33 eating establishment closes its doors a month. Then if so, the remaining ones can command premium if so they desire?

Saz, more than 65 plus percentage of people perhaps opting to cook in own place. Tough time abound..
Though I wouldn't dismiss the conclusions, restaurants are one of the highest-turnover businesses around. Most of them fail within a year.


Again, without knowing how many restaurants OPENED, the mere number of closures is meaningless.
300 restaurants close in NYC every year, easy. Probably double that. Same thing for LA, or Chicago, or Miami- somewhere, there are probably closure rates per capita per year, based on business licence studies.

just tossing out a number, like 350, doesnt tell you if BA is any different from any other world city its size.
To figure out whether the economy is getting worse, or this is just normal churn, you would need more info.


I was told that 350 restaurants in BA closed, last year. Benihaha in the Alto Palermo Shopping Center has closed.
Someone recently posted that Benihana moved to Puerto Madero.

Many restaurants open and many close every year. Some open and close in less than a year.

It would be much more significant if 300 restaurants in BA closed in two or three months.

That's what happened in the months that followed the "crash" of 2008.

Sergio was on top of that trend as well: