South American Car Rental?


Feb 3, 2008
I'm interested in renting a car for 2 months to travel South America
(primarily Argentina and Brazil). Does anyone have any experience with
renting a car on a longer term basis to do something like this? I'd
appreciate any advice or rental companies to look at.
I rented a car for 3 weeks a couple of years ago from there guys I guess: ABC Rent a Car .

If you are going to travel outside of the country, special paperwork is necessary. Rental agency needs to give you 3 additional documents: special permit stating that car can leave the country, document that owner of the car allows you to drive it out of the country, and insurance that covers the car while in Brazil.

Only very few cars have these papers available and you need to be absolutely sure that agency does the paperwork before you rent the car.

They have their own idea of small, intermediate and full size cars. Make sure that you don't go to your journey in Ford K.

Basically, any rental agency you call will tell you that they have anything you want for the price you name. And you need to go to each and every of them to see what do they really have and negotiate the price in person.
Don't bring a rental car across the border - just not worth the risk and expense
Quickroute said:
Don't bring a rental car across the border - just not worth the risk and expense

Thanks. That's pretty much what I am realizing. I'm gonna have to fly.
You might consider buying a car and then reselling it. It might be vale la pena and could end up breaking even or better.